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Titular Troubles

So, as mentioned in my previous post, written eons ago, I’m working on a silly little online game.

Game Screenshot

It has been progressing pretty well, with me constantly getting stuck and then coming up with some sort of solution that is probably the wrong one.  Anyway, it’s almost playable now, with monster fighting, inventory, world maps and leveling up possible.  I’m working on adding a few quests now and I have sprinkled a few screenshots throughout this post.

Here’s a link since you’re dying to try it – As-of-yet Unnamed Game – You can log in using “test123” for username and password, if you don’t want to register.

Game Screenshot

My current problem is that I can’t find a name for the darn thing.  We’ve got a few guesses at a name, but none of them really stand out to me so far.

So far we have – Chronobe, Nilrem and.. sadly, that’s about it.

The first is a mix of “chrono-” and “-be”, which together could supposedly mean time-related life in ancient greek.  Nilrem is Merlin backwards, which will be explained in the following block of text.

Here’s the relevant bit of back-story… Sorry about the block of text-ness of it, but you should be able to just skim it.

Years and years ago, the legendary Merlin of King Arthur fame got pretty annoyed. He was fed up with his reverse aging and felt like no one knew how hard it was to deal with on a daily basis. He decided to teach the world a lesson by inflicting everyone alive with the same condition. These people became Merlinoids. (or Chronobians?  Chronobes?)

He eventually became young enough that he ceased to exist as Merlin, but it was only then that he realized what he had done. As soon as he took his first breath, an incredibly powerful wizard popped into existence. Merlin had discovered the secret to immortality, of a sort, and had given it to everyone in the world. This powerful wizard was actually Merlin, living again.

Merlin II became enraged that he had inadvertently given everyone else the ability to live forever and with his new powers, created a mighty dark fortress. The story of Merlin faded from knowledge and the being that resided inside the fortress became known as the Chronomancer.

So yeah, basically everyone ages backwards.  This will factor into their “height” and “weight” stats, all of which will eventually be explained in the first few quests.

Maybe I need to reread The Once and Future King by T. H. White, which is the origin of Merlin’s reverse aging.Game Screenshot

By the way, if anyone sees this and has the sudden urge to write some amusing content (quests, monsters, items…) for me, I would most likely include it and be grateful.

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  1. Elflord
    August 18th, 2011 at 10:18 | #1

    Please tell me in a comment what you think this game should be called. :) :)

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